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Thank you for the very helpful links , sshea1 ! soulight

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Hello, HUD has several programs. Below are a few through the USDA. HUD may have one that might fit your need. God Bless
Self Help housing
Housing Assitance Council
Information on the 502 program through USDA
Renters assistance
Free Landlord Forms
Rehab Tips
Website Links to help you start and run your business and rental properties
203 K program through HUD

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I have a home on the southside of Chicago that has recently gone into foreclosure. I have no job and have had tenants in there who hopefuly are gone out of the house. I do not have any help in fixing it up and want to know if anyone knew any way to turn this situation around. Does anyone know or have any suggestion of what I can do quickly. I have served notice to the tenants in January. A lawyer is presently working on the eviction and I'll have my brother go by there tomorrow to see if he sees anyone in the house or if anyone would answer. I would appreciate any help that anyone may offer. Thank you red1

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